PlumeSIM is a state-of-the-art system for integrated wide area field exercise training using Argon chemical and radiological detector simulation instruments. • The virtual plume • Communicating the Scenario • Multiple Instrument activation • Post event environmental simulation and after action review • No redundancy of existing simulation systems


CBRN PlumeSIMWide area CBRN / HazMat field exercise and table training system. Everyone we demonstrate this system to is amazed at the impact it can have on exercises. We have a free evaluation copy of the PlumeSIM software that you can try, simply make an enquiry.

  • Portable and very quick to set up and use.
  • Planning mode enables you to prepare exercises on your PC / Laptop without system hardware.
  • Simple, flexible scenario creation based upon single or multiple CWA, HazMat & radiological releases.
  • User defined environmental conditions.
  • Perfect for counter terrorism exercisces, nuclear emergency exercises.
  • Simulation of plumes, deposition and hot spots.
  • Table top classroom mode for pre-exercise familiarisation.
  • Very modular system enabling you to expand as and when budgets permit.
  • Real time trainee movement and instrument usage reporting, with recording for After Action Review.
  • Supports M4 JCAD-SIMCAMSIMAP2/4C-SIMRDS200-SIMEPD-Mk2-SIMAN/PDR-77-/VDR-2 / RDS100-SIM, SAM935 Spectrometer Simulator and more.
  • Radiological or chemical / HazMat only version available with future upgrade option.